Financial overview

Know exactly where your business is successful and where you might be losing money. It will change the way you see your business.
Stay on top of your businessTrack your business progress and performance in real time. Bookmemate keeps a running profit and loss statement for you, so you can review your profitability and expenditure. Best of all, it means tax time is a receipt-free breeze.
How it works
Check your revenue vs expenses for a certain time frame
Display the profit & loss statement to see how your business is performing
Check how much your cliens spent in the last 3 fiscal years
You can also
Check the payment breakdown
Check which invoices have been paid, and send reminders for outstanding or overdue accounts
Stay on top of your financial information
Know when cash is coming in and going out
Sync Bookmemate with your bank account to streamline your business bookkeeping
Make tax time a receipt-free breeze by simply exporting and sending to your accountant
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